The U.S. role in the global rise of ADHD

by Carolyn Gregoire – Diagnoses of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) have surged globally, rising as much as tenfold in some countries. The disorder has become a cultural and economic phenomenon — but it may not be a medical one, according to one scientist who studies the sociology of health and illness. “Exporting American-based diagnoses […]


Dyslexia fonts lack studies to support their effectiveness

by Deborah Kots – For the 5 to 10 percent of Americans who have dyslexia, reading can be a maddening experience of flipped, reversed, or unrecognizable letters. “It’s total frustration. You read a word and one letter is turned around so the whole thing doesn’t make sense,” said Christian Boer, who has dyslexia. “Your eyes […]


Down syndrome through a mother’s camera lens

by David Rosenberg – Sian Davey, a mother of four, was pregnant with her youngest child when she was told that there was a good chance her daughter would be born with Down syndrome. While the decision to go through with the pregnancy was an easy one for Davey, it didn’t prepare her for what […]


Brain training as ADHD treatment

by Julie Crothers – As his mother will attest, Josh Goins has always had trouble staying focused and sitting still. “We started noticing in grade school a lot of problems he was having with paying attention, getting along with his peers and there were always troubles in school,” said his mother, Mary Goins. Goins, of […]

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District to pilot intervention program for students with dyslexia

by John Best – The Pen Argyl Area School District could be one of six districts statewide to participate in the Dyslexia and Early Literacy Intervention Pilot Program. The Pennsylvania Department of Education recently interviewed Pen Argyl Area School District officials as part of a process to find the most appropriate schools to test the […]

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Autism lawsuits against Disney are individually refiled

by Paul Brinkmann – A court battle over disability access to Disney theme parks has been renewed, with 28 new separate lawsuits being filed in Orlando recently against the entertainment company. The lawsuits were previously filed in a joint format. But a judge had ruled in November that the lawsuits should be filed separately because […]

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Fighter with Down Syndrome gets MMA fight

by Damon Martin – All Garrett Holeve wanted was a chance to fight. The 25-year old Florida native battled for more than two years for the chance to step inside a ring or cage and live his dream to compete in a mixed martial arts fight.  The thing that stopped Holeve from being sanctioned in […]