Why the public should care about autism

by Carlol Povey- Awareness and understanding of autism has improved markedly in recent times. But there is still a long way to go, as is shown by the fact that autism was the fifth most common ‘what is?’ question on Google in 2014. All too often, we hear from individuals and families living with autism […]


Schools should be initial support for the lifelong struggle with dyslexia

by Maureen Bragg – It was not so long ago that a left-handed student was forced to write with their right hand in the classroom. Some even tell of having their left hand tied to their sides, until a lightbulb went on somewhere and the school system stopped trying to force square pegs into round […]


Organization supports Down syndrome families

by Rob Novit – Jordan Hall, an enthusiastic 12-year-old, was shooting a basketball time after time, then later singing with a karaoke machine. Sometimes, other kids will tell his younger brother, Ethan, that Jordan acts funny and ask what’s wrong with him. Nothing, Ethan will say: “He’s my brother.” Jordan has Down syndrome, a genetic disorder […]


Study helps sort gene mutations most associated with autism

by Jessica Wright – A second look at 64 genes implicated in autism has bolstered evidence for the strongest candidates and renewed interest in others with more modest ties to the disorder. The approach, described 24 November in Nature Communications, will help researchers reconcile the reams of data emerging from large sequencing studies. The study […]

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Student with Down syndrome grows academically in an inclusive classroom

by Clare Colley – Math is the most difficult school subject for 13-year-old Annie Lee, but thanks to a revolutionary new approach to teaching maths to people with Down syndrome it’s now also her favorite. Annie and her Year 6 teacher Melanie Stratford at St Benedict’s Primary School in Narrabundah have been part of an […]

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German company leads with autistic workforce program

by Jeremy Thomas – Pick a date, any date in history, and Joe Cintas can tell you, with only a moment’s pause, what day of the week it was. Diagnosed with autism at age 3, Cintas wields astonishing brain power when it comes to numbers and finding patterns, but, like many with his disability, his […]

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Strangers nationwide send boy with autism Christmas presents

by Ted Land – It can be so hard to shop for some people during the holiday season, especially kids, who always want the latest video games, movies, and toys. This year, a boy in Blaine, Washington, made a peculiar request and now he’s getting dozens of gifts daily from people he’s never even met. […]