Not one, but hundreds of autism genes found by researchers

by Sarah Deweerdt – Geoffrey Ondrich and Waylon Cude are both 16 years old. Both boys have autism, and both would rather use their computers than do almost anything else in the world. But that’s just about all they have in common. Waylon is serious and intense, and so is the way he uses his computer: […]


ADHD traits would have given our ancestors an edge, not a disadvantage

by Erin Brodwin – If you’ve ever learned something by playing a game, observing someone else, or watching a TED talk, you’re doing it the way humans have for the majority of our history. Rather than learning in a classroom, our hunting and gathering ancestors played, observed each other and, occasionally, got a lesson from […]


Down syndrome through a mother’s camera lens

by David Rosenberg – Sian Davey, a mother of four, was pregnant with her youngest child when she was told that there was a good chance her daughter would be born with Down syndrome. While the decision to go through with the pregnancy was an easy one for Davey, it didn’t prepare her for what […]


Certain jobs can help people “grow out” of ADHD

by Pablo Pena – Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder affects eleven percent of kids ages 4-17. We’ll talk about the root causes of A.D.H.D. and a natural approach to treating the condition with Dr. Richard Friedman, who recently wrote an article in The New York Times about the disorder. The research for A.D.H.D. is extensive, with so […]

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Dyslexia legislation may not be enough to prepare students for college

by Jeremy Grossman – A parent has expressed concern that students who may be dyslexic are not receiving proper support from the Freehold Regional High School District in order to be prepared for college. The Freehold Township resident, who said her 10-year-old son has dyslexia, approached the Board of Education recently about adopting a comprehensive dyslexia policy. “I have […]

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Autism lawsuits against Disney are individually refiled

by Paul Brinkmann – A court battle over disability access to Disney theme parks has been renewed, with 28 new separate lawsuits being filed in Orlando recently against the entertainment company. The lawsuits were previously filed in a joint format. But a judge had ruled in November that the lawsuits should be filed separately because […]

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Fighter with Down Syndrome gets MMA fight

by Damon Martin – All Garrett Holeve wanted was a chance to fight. The 25-year old Florida native battled for more than two years for the chance to step inside a ring or cage and live his dream to compete in a mixed martial arts fight.  The thing that stopped Holeve from being sanctioned in […]