Children with Autism Tend to Sit with Their Feet Stacked

by James Hamblin – Psychotherapist Cary Terra works with adults with autism spectrum disorder — the soon-to-be-official all-encompassing diagnostic term for that we currently distinguish as autism, Asperger’s, and childhood disintegrative disorder. During her many years of practice, she’s noticed what she calls an “unmistakable trend”: that her patients have a tendency to sit with […]

What Early Intervention Services for Autism Look Like

Direct interaction with a child who has autism is a crucial teaching tool.

A recent research study has renewed the focus more than ever on early interventions for autism. Titled, “Recovering From Autism Possible, Study Suggests,” the piece lit up the blogosphere when it claimed that as many as one in five children diagnosed with autism who received early intervention eventually no longer fit that label. So what […]